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We are dedicated to providing the best dental care for our patients, with a focus on comfort, convenience and quality. To further our efforts, we have invested in innovative technology that will allow us to perform tooth restorations - from fillings to crowns - using strong, tooth-colored ceramics for beautiful esthetics and on-site fabrication, for fast and convenient appointment scheduling.

If you have been hesitant about completing a prescribed restorative procedure or should you require one in the future, our state of the art CEREC technology will make the process easier, more comfortable, and more efficient. Using an optical impression obtained with a specialized digital camera, milling the restoration in-house, and glazing it for added strength and shine in our ceramic oven, we are now able to complete a restoration in a single appointment, so that you can quickly get back to the more important things in life-- and smile on your way.

Following is additional information to help familiarize you with the CEREC procedure:

Facts about CEREC
Description CEREC is a high-tech device used to design and manufacture ceramic tooth restorations at the dental practice while the patient waits. The CEREC equipment comprises a digital infrared camera for obtaining an optical impression of the tooth to be restored, 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to help the dentist design the ideal restoration for the clinical situation, and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology that uses two high-speed diamond burs to mill a precise restoration according to the CAD software specifications. The milling process is complete in less than 20 minutes, and the entire restorative procedure is completed in a single appointment.
Uses Partial and full crowns,
All other single-tooth restorations
(fillings, etc.)
Benefits Single-visit convenience
Hi-tech accuracy
Natural, tooth-colored restoration
Biocompatible, anti-abrasive and plaque resistant ceramic materials
Metal free - no silver-colored fillings
Preserves more healthy tooth material
Extremely precise for long-lasting, natural results
Proven Technology CEREC has two decades of clinical research and practical experience to support the success of this technology. More than eight million restorations have been performed worldwide using CEREC technology.

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